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Dear Community, 

In this turbulent and wild time, with holidays on both sides of us, we want to give heart felt thanks for all of you, for this amazing Earth, for the Ceremonies that nourish us, and for the great blessings we live. Many are suffering and confused and we are all being taken to deeper levels of discernment as to how to live, how to show up on behalf of the Earth and all beings and how to love.

Given that the Four Directions, which we often refer to as the Four Shields, are a cornerstone of our earth-based teachings, we want to offer you a few questions for reflection. Since it is important for us each to be in the world with our Whole Self, we need to understand all of the seasons, reactions, and weather of all parts of ourselves.

As you contemplate these Four Shield elements remember that YOU, as a Walking Star, rest in the center of the Wheel, connected always to the Great Cosmos beyond, and to the Holy Ground beneath your feet.

Thanks from all of us at EarthWays. 

We hope you get out on the land, rain and/or shine!


The South

How is the little one in you doing these days?

What strong emotional reactions have you been experiencing?

How is it to be in your body these days?

Are you moving at a pace that nourishes you and keeps you present with yourself?

Can you get outside and pick a small patch of the earth and simply BE with it, taking in the details of what you see close by?

Turn to the south, at high noon on a sunny day, and soak in the heat, the sun, the warmth.


The West

What kinds of dreams have you been having?

Are your ancestors speaking to you lately? 

What are they saying?

Cultivate deep silence here and the day turn into evening and willingly go into the dark.

What is your soul's hunger right now?

Watch for owls, bats and the ones who can see in the dark and ask them to teach you how to see in the dark, too.



The North

What teachers and guides and wise ones give you courage and strength these days?

Are there actions you feel drawn to take on behalf of our world, or any particular corner of creation?

What needs to be made right with yourself, in your own life, so you can be in the world more completely?

Can you deepen your self-care, so you can fully be available to care for others?



The East

Is the spark of creativity alive in you and if not, how can you welcome it back?

How is your awareness of the Big Picture? 

Can you watch the birds, the winged ones, who fly and see far and ask them to help you expand your vision?

What is your deepest, most alive form of connecting to the Great Mystery...prayer, meditation, singing, dance, art, etc. and are you making time for this?

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