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Darkness to Light

Hardship can, with God's help, lead an opportunity for good. These life transitions begin at birth and follow us through death.  As a wise woman (my grandmother) once told me, God does not cause bad things to happen, but he is always available to us for comfort during difficult times.

For some, the transition occurs in childhood. There are young people who are destined to overcome obstacles, the likes of which are incomprehensible to most of us. 

People can survive and sometimes create something valuable out of challenges. As a hospital social worker in the pediatric cardiology unit, I worked with a couple who lost their newborn child during heart surgery. They created a foundation in the child's name which benefited other children born with transposition of the great vessels. 

When we are older, life transitions may include taking a risk which can, with God's help, lead to fulfillment.

We each have our own story of challenges we have faced and overcome.  Examples: Think of childbirth, death of a loved one, dealing with serious sickness, strained family relationships, political divisions, our own end of life struggles.  Please share now your experiences with overcoming problems and finding blessings.  Or share a story of someone else who found light after darkness.

Gracious Creator Spirit, bless us with courage, strength, and perseverance to face hardships and challenges in our lives.  We trust in your love and goodness to support us in our efforts to turn our darkness to light, our adversity to joy.  We realize that our weakness shows your strength and our victories show your love for us.  We praise you and glorify you in and through our Brother, Jesus.  Amen

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